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Stovetop Smoker Smoked Salmon

Cooking Method
Difficulty Beginner
Cook Time: 20 min Total Time: 20 mins
Servings 2
Best Season Suitable throughout the year
  • 1 pound Salmon
  • salt and pepper or BBQ rub
  • 1-2 wood chips (I like Apple wood)

Smoked Salmon is one of the greatest things to smoke in your stovetop smoker. It's also one of the easiest things as well!

  1. Season the salmon with salt and pepper or your favorite BBQ rub or seasonings.

  2. Place 1-2 Tbsp of wood chips in the center of the bottom of the smoker.

  3. Line the drip tray in aluminum foil and place in the bottom of the smoker.

  4. Place the food tray down and spray with cooking spray.

  5. Put the salmon on top of the food tray and cover with the lid.

  6. Turn your burner to medium high and wait for smoke to come through the vent.

  7. Once you see smoke, either shut the vent or leave it partially opened for less smoky flavor.

  8. Smoke for 15-25 minutes (depending on thickness and size of your salmon). Salmon is done when it flakes off easily with a fork or the internal temperature measures 145ยบ

Keywords: BBQ, salmon, seafood, Stovetop smoker