If you want to learn about Yo Adriane, all you really need to know is that I live in Philly and I love to cook. But feel free to read on…

I am just another person on the internet sharing recipes. I do not do this full time, although I would love nothing more than to cook all day every day. Unfortunately, I didn’t marry rich. That was pretty stupid… I am an ophthlamic echographer by day. That means I do ultrasounds on eyeballs. But I try to avoid that subject when we are discussing food.

I do my grocery shopping around the city and I love to go to Reading Terminal Market, the Italian Market and Chinatown.

I am an indoor BBQ smoker enthusiast and although this site will not be limited to stovetop smoker recipes, I will try to share what I know about them. I have a YouTube channel with instructions on how to use the Nordic Ware stovetop smoker. I am not sponsored by Nordic Ware or anything (even though that’s my dream). I’m just really enthusiastic about the stovetop smoker and felt the need to publish recipes and instructions for it since there isn’t a whole lot out there.

So anyway, thanks for stopping by. I will try my best to bring original content to this vast sea of food blogs.


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