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Stovetop Smoker Whole Chicken

Here is another stovetop smoker recipe! This time we are using the stovetop smoker to smoke a whole chicken!!! Being able to smoke a whole chicken in the Nordic Ware stovetop smoker is something that really gives it the edge when it comes to choosing a stovetop smoker. With other smokers, you would have to break the chicken into pieces. If that’s not a big deal or maybe you love to butcher chickens, then perhaps the Nordic Ware stovetop smoker isn’t for you. Maybe you would like a Cameron’s stovetop smoker better… I, personally, love that I can just put my favorite rub on the chicken and send it off for it’s smoky spa day in the smoker.

Here is a YouTube video to show you how it’s done. I don’t like to beg, but could you please subscribe?

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Stovetop Smoker Whole Chicken


This recipe is designed for the Nordic Ware 365 kettle smoker, which allows room for a whole chicken without having to cut it into parts at all.



  1. Rub your favorite seasoning or BBQ rub all over the chicken. Try to get under the skin if you can and sprinkle some inside the cavity as well.

  2. If you want the chicken to keep a nice shape, you can truss it up with cooking twine, but this is purely for looks. You don't have to do this.

  3. Put 1-2 tablespoons of wood chips in the center of the bottom of the smoker (I use cherry wood or apple wood for chicken).

  4. Cover the drip tray in aluminum foil and place in the bottom of the smoker.

  5. Place the cooking tray down and spray with cooking spray.

  6. Put the chicken on the tray and cover the lid.

  7. Set your stove to medium high heat and wait for smoke to come through the open vents.

  8. Once you see smoke, shut the vent (if you want it to be less smoky, you can partially close the vent).

  9. Smoke for 60-80 minutes (for a 3.5 lb chicken, it took me 60 minutes. Measure the internal temperature at 165 degrees).

  10. Let rest for 10-20 minutes and then dig in!

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There are lots of things you can make with a stovetop smoker whole chicken. You can put it on a sandwich with BBQ sauce. You could make chicken salad with it. You could use it to stuff some tex mex enchiladas! You could put it on top of nachos! You could put it in a wrap! I did that recently. It was smoked chicken, jalapeno ranch, pepperjack cheese, lettuce and tomato. It was great!

Here’s one idea- out the smoked chicken on a Martin’s potato roll and add pickles, pickled onions and Alabama white sauce!

Do you ever wonder why food bloggers just ramble on and on? It’s actually because SEO depends on the substance of your pages. So if you just post a recipe without text, it gets buried in the search results.

My blog is very unsuccessful and I have no idea how to do things the right way, but if rambling helps a little, I may as well try! At least with me, you know that you can get to the recipe first. Everything else is just filler.

So what else is there to say about smoked chicken? Maybe we can talk about the wood chips. I think that fruity woods work well with chicken. I use apple or cherry wood typically. If you want to go for hickory of something, that’s up to you! It’s just that hickory is pretty strong and chicken doesn’t really need all that, but you do you, boo!

I don’t really say “boo”, but sometimes I do Peloton workouts and one of the instructors, Cody Rigsby says it a lot. I don’t have an actual Peloton. I have a Fake Ass Pelotontm, which involves a standard stationary bike, a tablet, a cadence monitor and a subscription to the Peloton App. Bonus points for a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate, but that’s not a feature on the real Peloton. Here is a link to my Fake Ass Peloton Amazon Store. If you do it my way, you save thousands of dollars. No joke! And look at me! I get workouts and say “boo” just like a real Peloton rider!

But anyway, back to the chicken… It’s nice that the Nordic Ware stovetop smoker can accommodate an entire chicken. You don’t have to spatchcock it! I’ve never spatchcocked a chicken. But how much fun is it to say “spatchcock”?

Other stovetop smokers like the Cameron’s stovetop smoker can’t hold a whole chicken, you’d definitely have to SPATCHCOCK it or cut it into sections. That’s not fun, but I suppose it gets the work done. I’ve never used a Cameron’s smoker so I can’t really speak for it, but one of the reasons why I went for the Nordic Ware smoker over the Cameron’s was because you could fit a whole chicken in it.

By the way, I am not sponsored by Nordic Ware. I wish I was. If anyone from Nordic Ware is out there, please sponsor me! Nobody goes harder for their stovetop smoker than I do!

I try my best to make stovetop smoker recipes in my free time. I wish I could do more, but unfortunately, this is not my only gig. It’s not even really a gig because I don’t get anything from it. I just really want to share recipes with people who have stovetop smokers!

Ok, have we hit our word count quota?? I think we have. Please tag #thephillykitchen if you share your stovetop smoker chicken pictures on social media! And also, please, please, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. All I need is 1,000 subscribers in order to monetize. I just want a few bucks for all this work, is that so wrong???

Ok, that’s all. BYE, BOO!!

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