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Welcome to The Philly Kitchen Blog! My name is YO ADRIANE! Yes, you have to say “yo” and you have to do it just like Rocky. That’s how everyone has always said my name and that’s just how it is!



This is a new project that I  try to do in my free time, so please pardon the dust! I’m still getting it together. But I  didn’t want to wait to be competent at website building in order to share what I  have. So, here is a small selection of what I  have to offer. I  specialize in stovetop smoker recipes. I  use the Nordic Ware 365 Kettle Smoker and I  love it. I  also have a YouTube Channel (again, very new and very incomplete). 

Below are the two most recent recipes I’ve shared, but if you click on my menu you can see the rest of them!

Be sure to follow The Philly Kitchen Blog on Instagram! I’m always sharing stories of what I’m cooking and I  love the community of foodies there, so go check me out! I  have a MUCH better grasp at Instagram than website building.

To be honest, I’m completely embarrassed about this site. I  took a basic HTML class in high school but the only thing I  learned how to do was this:

<marquee> HELLO! </marquee> 
It came in handy for my dope Myspace page, but that’s about it. And I can’t even apply that here because this is way more complicated and I’m out of my league. 

Why am I  rambling so much? What is this LIVEJOURNAL??? I  swear to God I  am internet stunted from 2004. Truth is, wordpress says SEO is improved if I  have 300 words on a page. I  feel like no other food blogs do this though. I  need some serious help. HELP MEEEEE!

Fear not! I  only ramble AFTER my recipes. So you can thank me for that later. See? I’m not like other food blogs! 


Stovetop Smoker Pork Ribs

The key to making delicious stovetop smoker pork ribs in the Nordic Ware 365 Kettle Smoker is patience! This will take a few hours, but […]